Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Mayor’s Message

Chellie Stewart, Mayor, City of Sunrise Beach Village

Good morning!  What a fantastic Star Party last night put on by the CCAA!

Many thanks to Nancy Daniel for taking this on back in the summer of 2022, and to LuAnn Scobie and Donna Benton for leading the committee ever since.  What a great event!  The committee willed the clouds to go away at the exact times needed, and it worked. 

On top of providing a great community event, they raised money for the parks!

As you can tell, our town has put a lot of effort into being prepared for the additional visitors that we have.  So far, everything has run smoothly. 

Extra thanks to Danyelle Morgan for the signage and facility support.  The bathrooms in the five parks will remain closed through tomorrow.  There are porta-potties available for use.  This action was approved by Council to ensure the septics at the parks were not overwhelmed.

Police Chief Laurie Brock has had extra officers on staff during each shift.  We will continue to have heightened coverage.  So far, we have not had any calls that would be concerning to the public.

Sean Schreiber, Water Department Supervisor, says that our water usages are at a comfortable level.   

City Hall is operating with its usual hours of operation (closing at 4:00 PM).

Waste Connections will not be running today but will be picking our trash up WEDNESDAY MORNING.

All indications are that our residents heeded the guidance to be prepared, and everyone is having a safe and happy experience during this memorable event.

Mayor pro Tem Dan Gower and I joined a Llano County Emergency Operations phone call this morning for an update on weather, traffic and infrastructure.

For today, there are no severe storms forecasted.  It is possible that we will have showers beginning in the late morning.  Starting very early tomorrow morning, severe storms are forecasted, and may include hail and lightning. 

Traffic has been manageable in our general area, so far.  However, as of this morning, Reveille Peak Ranch has canceled the remainder of its festival.  All programs and performances for today and tomorrow have been canceled.  With that, we should expect an influx of 33,000+ people leaving the area in the next 8 hours.  They have been encouraged to leave now, but will be allowed to stay until totality ends (by 2:00 PM).

This has been a great family and good neighbor event for our little town.  We have worked together to make it good for everyone.  Enjoy your day!  Wear your glasses!

~Mayor Chellie