Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Rent the Civic Center

Civic Center Rental

The City of Sunrise Beach is fortunate to have a Civic Center for use by citizens of Sunrise Beach. The City Council regulates the use of the Civic Center and also makes it available to individuals and groups.

Fees for use of the Civic Center help cover the cost of maintenance. Penalty fees apply to those who fail to properly clean the facility after use and/or cause damage to occur. These fees are established by City Ordinance 277.1 and are divided into different categories.

Rental of the Civic Center can be accomplished by contacting City Hall at 325-388-6438 to confirm the availability of your date, completing the Civic Center Rental Agreement Form and paying the appropriate fees through City Hall.

Additional Information can be located on the Civic Center Rental Agreement or Inquiries can be made in person at City Hall, by telephone at 325-388-6438 or by email at