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Trash Pickup and Recycling


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What services are provided through Waste Connections?

  • Weekly trash pickup – 96-gallon green wheeled toter.
  • Every other week curbside recycling – 96-gallon blue wheeled toter.
  • Twice/year bulky waste curbside pickup.
  • Mobility-impaired, house-side pickup for our households without a resident that can move the 96-gallon container to the street and back.

When will Waste Connections come for collection?

  • Trash pickup is scheduled weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Recycling pickup is scheduled every other Tuesday.
  • Bulky pickup event dates will be provided to Sunrise Beach residents once they are scheduled.

What is the monthly cost?

Service Fee$22.65
State and Local Sales Tax (7.25%)$  1.64
Admin Fee$  1.50
Total Monthly Cost$25.79

In January 2023, the City of Sunrise Beach Village approved a new Solid Waste Ordinance which awarded a city-wide contract to Waste Connections for trash pickup, garbage collection, and curbside recycling. Below are general guidelines for using the trash and recycling service, including answers to common questions.

Trash Pickup

  • The green cart is for trash.
  • Please put your normal household trash items in the green trash cart.
  • Please place your carts at the curb for collection before 7:00 AM every Tuesday.
  • Please DO NOT put medical waste, hazardous waste, explosives, flammable liquids pesticides, or animal carcass in the cart or on the curb for collection.
  • Please DO NOT put any construction material, dirt, rock, grass trimmings, or yard waste in your cart.

Recycling Collection

  • The blue cart is for recycling
  • Place your blue cart at the curb for collection before 7:00 AM every other Tuesday.
  • All recyclables must be inside the cart.
  • The images below shows acceptable single stream recycling materials.

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Bulky Waste Collection

  • Bulk Waste Collections will occur twice a year. Residents will be allowed to place up to three (3) cubic yards curbside. The annual curbside Bulk event is prescheduled by the City. Event dates will be provided to Sunrise Beach residents once they are scheduled.
  • Residents may schedule individual bulk item pickups as needed for an additional fee. These requests require pre-payment and must be scheduled in advance. To schedule bulk items pickup please contact customer service at 512-282-3508.

Additional FAQs

Who will participate?

  • All commercial and residential properties with improvements (i.e., a residence or structure) are required to participate.

Can I request an additional container (toter) if I find that a single container is not adequate?

  • Yes.  Additional containers are available at an added rate of $7.49/month.

How much will the mobility-impaired service cost and how do I qualify?

  • There is no additional charge for mobility-impaired service.  You must contact city hall to request the service and provide evidence that no one in the household can move the container to the street and back.
  • If you are currently receiving this service from Waste Connections, you will continue to receive it and no action is required on your part.

What items are permissible for curbside recycling?

  • Aluminum beverage cans.
  • Steel food and beverage cans.
  • Clear, brown and green glass food & beverage containers.
  • #1—#7 Plastic containers & bottles with necks smaller than their bases.
  • Food boxes (e.g., cereal & Jell-O boxes).
  • EMPTY paper towel & toilet paper rolls.
  • Paperboard packaging (i.e., tissue boxes etc.).
  • Cardboard boxes – flattened.
  • Office paper—any color.
  • Magazines, catalogs & brochures.
  • Envelopes and junk mail.
  • Paper bags.
  • Phone books and other soft cover books.

I only use my home part-time and do not currently contract for solid waste service.  How will you handle this?

  • All residents will be billed for service, whether they use it or not.  However, residents that utilize their home only part time may lower their monthly rate to the minimum $17 by selecting “seasonal service” for up to 6 months in any 12-month period.  Please be aware that no solid waste service will be provided during the selected seasonal service period, and you will not be eligible for the twice/year bulky waste curbside pickup.
  • You may contact city hall to establish seasonal service by providing your start and stop months.

Can I still contract with another collection company?

  • No.  Waste Connections now has an exclusive franchise agreement for solid waste services within the city.  No other company is allowed to provide residential or commercial solid waste service within the city.

Does this mean that my remodeling contractor, tree service, or other contractor must go through Waste Connections to remove any waste they generate?

  • No.  You and your contractors may still remove, haul, and dispose of the waste without violating the franchise agreement.

I own more than one property with improvements, but only one qualifies as my residence.  Will I be billed for service at all improved locations?

  • If you own multiple properties with improvements that do not qualify as a residence (garage, airplane hangar, car barn, etc.), please contact city hall to exempt those properties that are not your actual residence.
  • Improvements that do qualify as a residence (guest house, rental house, etc.), whether you reside there or not, will be billed for solid waste services.

How and when will I be billed for solid waste services?

  • Billing will be through the city’s existing water utility billing process, handled by Inframark Services, and will therefore be included in the monthly water bill.  The billing for solid waste services will commence on the January 18, 2023, water utility bill.  

Additional questions?

Email City Hall at or call 325-388-6438.