Mon. May 20th, 2024

Mayor’s Message: Transition Update

Chellie Stewart, Mayor, City of Sunrise Beach Village

Congratulations to the Election Winners!

And many thanks to everyone who worked to serve. In all, 370 residents voted in the 2024 election. 20 used an absentee ballot, 166 voted early, and 184 people voted in person.


  • Hardy 211 votes, 57%
  • Schwin 159 votes, 43%


  • Cook 234 votes, 39%
  • Gower 214 votes, 36%
  • Donnell 151 votes, 25%

Rob Hardy will be our new mayor; Jeff Cook and Dan Gower will be the councilmembers.

At City Hall, we are working on the transition now – ordering business cards, getting training scheduled, coordinating schedules for upcoming meetings, etc.

City Secretary, Janie Crumpler, puts together the books for all of the council meeting minutes.  She has been telling me how our “books” are so much thicker than previous books.  Neither of us has taken the time to count up the differences – until today!  

They are bigger for two reasons:  one is we are having a lot more meetings than in previous years, and the second is that our agendas have a lot more items on them.

Just as a fun fact, in the 5/20-5/22 service dates, there were about 21 stated meetings, 9 called meetings, and 4 working sessions, for an approximate total of 34. 

During the 5/22-5/24 service dates, there were about 23 stated meetings, 17 called meetings, 15 working sessions, for an approximate total of 55.  I remember in my first full month as mayor, we had two called meetings and it was a big change for many.  This is a 62% increase in the number of meetings.

Having more meetings is not necessarily a goal, but it is one indicator on how the volume of work has increased for all involved – Council, employees, volunteers and all citizens who strive to be engaged.

So, thank you to everyone for your ideas, engagement, and extra work.  I know we have laid the groundwork for future leadership to continue to adapt to the increasing complexity of our community.  

The last few weeks have been busy for many of us as we work through this transition, but just a blip on the screen as the work gets passed from one body of leaders to another.

Special Session & Swearing-In

Please join us on Tuesday, May 14th at 10 AM in the Civic Center for a special called meeting. We will discuss regular business, canvass the Llano County votes, and swear in the new mayor and councilmembers. This is a great time to come together as a community! See you there!

In the News

Sunrise Beach’s high citizen engagement and Mayor-elect Rob Hardy made the news!

Sunrise Beach had the highest percentage of voter turnout in the region (47%!) – and some of the highest number of voters (370!)- despite being so much smaller than our neighbors. 

For context, we had more people that voted than Marble Falls, despite being < 1/5 their size. 

Congrats again to the winners. Good job, Sunrise Beach!

Best wishes,

Mayor Chellie Stewart